Poole public toilets facing closure

Poole Council might shut down public toilets to reduce anti-social behaviour, but this will not make a difference according to a sales assistant who works next to the toilets.

The council is planning the closure of four public toilets, including Chapel Lane, Quay Visitors, Quay Watch Station and Kingland Road Bus Station toilets after new findings revealed anti-social behaviour occurring in these places.

Public Toilets at Kingland Road Bus Station
Public Toilets at Kingland Road Bus Station Photo: Alexandra Bach

Sales assistant Shirley Kyely, who works at Classic Image at the Poole Bus Station said closing the toilets will not prevent anti-social behaviour.

“I think what the council is saying is rubbish. Anti-social behaviour has nothing to do with the toilets. They need to get to the root of the trouble instead.”

Borough of Poole Communications Officer, Hayley Broom said, “the toilets are not being shut solely because of anti-social behaviour but it has come up in a review of the toilets.” The report showed that people do drugs in the toilets and homeless people sleep there. According to the council, a closure of the toilets might reduce anti-social behaviour and improve the feeling of safety in the local community.

Mrs Kyely, who has been working at Classic Image for 17 years, disagrees, as she does not see rough sleepers as the problem: “It is the youngsters. The rough sleepers just sit here. Saturday afternoon we get loads of teenagers. They are fighting and shouting and it affects the business.”

She added, “Sometimes I do see people taking drugs here. I think that you’ve got to get to the people who are doing these things. Closing toilets doesn’t get to the root of the problem.”

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