Poole residents outside the Starbucks on High Street

Poole residents: Stop tax dodging, Starbucks

Poole residents are holding protests on High Street against so-called “tax dodger” Starbucks.

Contacted by over one hundred local residents, Councillor Philip Eades organized this protest: “Austerity in this country is a big problem in the last few years, it’s made much worse by multinational companies avoiding tax on their profits.”

Last September, Starbucks recorded profits of £1.1m since they arrived in Britain in 1998. Until 2013, the multinational coffee giant paid its first corporation tax of £5m to the UK government. Mr Eades said: “It is amazing that a company could be here that long without making any profit at all. It is just accounting dodge.”

“I want the government to listen, change the tax law and make it much harder for companies like Starbucks to avoid paying their fair share of tax,” he added.

According to the protesters, every year the UK government loses £25 billion in revenue because of tax avoidance by large companies and rich individuals. They believe tax dodgers act as “giant parasites”, sucking profits out and leaving the rest of society paying the price.

Local resident Siobhan Coleman said: “actually the individuals are paying for companies’ fair shares. It is morally wrong. If everybody paid a fair rate of tax, this country would be a better place to live in.”

Staff from Starbucks on Poole High Street refused to be interviewed, saying they are doing business according to law and protest from residents could have a detrimental effect on their lawful business operation.

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