Poole to create new 20mph zones

Drivers in Poole will have to slow down after new 20mph zones are set up in the town center, Heckford Park and Longfleet areas.

Photo: Albert Bridge

The Borough of Poole hopes to reduce driving speed in places with high population. The town is asking residents to give their views on creating more slow driving zones, citing road safety issues.

Councillor Andy Hadley, Poole Town representative, welcomes this change as road accidents have become a matter of great concern.

“The safety difference between a car hitting a small child at 20mph and 30mph is the difference between injury and almost certain death. It is important that we recognise the need to restore a sense of balance in our public space between the storage of vehicles and the space for people to live and move around.”

He added, that the 20mph zones would make the areas more pedestrian friendly.

“Cars have come to dominate our shared spaces, and area-wide 20mph zones highlight the opportunity for all to better enjoy the space. The zones enable people of all ages to feel safer, whether it is children playing in the street, people exercising, or encouraged to walk and cycle for short distance journeys.”

Councillor Drew Mellor, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Transportation, said: “Research has shown that in some areas where 20mph speed limits have been introduced, road casualties have reduced by 15% in just the space of a year.”

Photo: Albert Bridge

20mph road signs at the entry points into the zones will be installed to remind drivers to slow down.

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