Poole Twin Sails opening postponed

The long awaited opening of Poole’s Twin Sails bridge has been postponed due to problems with the road surfacing.

The opening of the Twin Sails bridge to the public has been postponed due to a defect in the tarmac on both lifting leaves of the bridge.

Jim Bright, Strategic Director, Borough of Poole, said: “After an initial inspection last week revealed an issue with a small section of the road surfacing, the bridge was left raised all night on both Saturday and Sunday. At some point between 7.30pm on Sunday and 7am on Monday a small area of defective surfacing came away from the top section of one lifting leaf. This incident did not present a hazard and  the contractor has removed a section of the road surface around the area affected.”

Liberal Democrat Cllr Brian Clements said: “There are specialist people coming to check the defect in the road surfacing. The opening has been postponed by about two weeks, though it is not yet definitive.

“It is unfortunate that it had to be postponed, but the project is so big that we have to be completely sure of everything before the public can use it.”

The project contractors Hochtief (UK) Construction Ltd have agreed to replace the road surface on each lifting leaf.

Conservative Cllr Ron Parker said: “Some of the residents have been understanding saying they’ve waited over 10 years, a few more days doesn’t matter. However, a few residents feel that its a disaster now.

“The issue is a minor contractual one. Poole Council is working with the contractors to get it sorted as soon as possible. It will not be opened until it is perfect.”





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