Concerns grow over road safety in Bournemouth

A series of recent road collisions has prompted concern about road safety in Bournemouth. Recent examples outline just a few of the fatalities in the surrounding areas.

A pedestrian, 79-year-old Stan Rogers, was killed by a lorry while crossing Christchurch High Street on 20 September, leading residents to campaign for improved road safety measures.

Christchurch councillor Peter Hall said, “We want Dorset County Council to make this a priority because the safety of residents is at stake.”

Locals are now calling for Dorset County Council to make Fountain Roundabout a priority and introduce safe crossings and improvements for motorists.

“The safety of residents is at stake” – Peter Hall, Councillor

Jessica Phillips, a 24-year-old resident of Christchurch who works at The Ship Inn said, “Myself and my family have lived in Christchurch all of our lives. The traffic is madness and there are more and more accidents. Something must change.

“Working at The Ship, I get to know all of the locals and it saddens me to hear about the elderly involved in motorist accidents. It could have been my grandmother.”

In another fatal collision, Dorset Police received a telephone call reporting a serious road traffic collision near Asda at St. Paul’s roundabout at 6am, Thursday 10 October.

Officers arrived at the scene to find a vehicle that had collided with a wall. Paramedics and the fire service also attended the scene but the man who had been driving died of his injuries at Bournemouth Hospital a short time afterwards.

In another case, a multi-vehicle collision on Wessex Way left a man, a moped driver, with a suspected broken ankle. Emergency services attended the incident and it is understood two cars and a moped were involved in the collision on the Bournemouth West roundabout at 7.52am on Wednesday.

Later that same morning in Poole, a collision between two cars left a women with neck and back pain. Police, ambulance and the fire service attended the scene at the junction of Brixey Road and Rosemary Road, Rossmore.

One woman was reported as trapped in a Ford with neck and back pain. Firefighters worked to cut the roof off to remove her safely.

A local Poole resident, Chris Burke said, “It is unbelievable. On my way to work I witness so many crashes. It would be quicker for me to cycle but it is just too dangerous.”

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