Three pints of beer.

Pub Chat with Mark Harding

A short discussion on whether having beer head is good or not. Opinions welcome

Hello and welcome to the first weekly edition of Pub Chat with me, Mark Harding.

Week by week I aim to tackle the news which is of the greatest importance to us all. Such as;


Why are there so many shapes of pint glasses? It just doesn’t seem necessary to me.

Where can I get the cheapest beer? I would move to Tajikistan for 29p a pint.

What’s the best snack to accompany a beer? I have a bit of a soft spot for scampi fries.

And then there’s the ultimate in liquid rivalries: Beer or Cider? Beer in winter, cider in summer. Problem solved.

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This week though I look at the ongoing, heated, and somewhat controversial debate of whether or not to have head on your beer.

“This “beer head” is a symbol that helps us differentiate beer from the various array of carbonated beverages.” – Beer Universe

The reason for head is to help ensure you, the consumer, can enjoy the full flavor and aromatics of the beer fully. It acts almost like a living lid preventing the goodness from escaping.

According to the perfect pint should have one inch to one and a half inches of head.

Boddingtos Flake screen shot
The infamous Boddingtons “You wanna’ flake in that love?” advert Photo: youtube

I have the train of thought though that the more head you have on your precious golden life-source, the less you get to consume.

It’s not just me that thinks like that though, I have many friends who think exactly the same as me.

If you are literally going to have a ‘quiet one’, as we all pretend we’re going to, then it’s not going to be a big deal being served a pint with a big enough head you could stick a flake in it.

I’m still not convinced that it makes any difference to my beer other than the fact I get a lot less and feel cheated when I am handed back less than a pound in change from a five pound note.

I’m not here to say it is right or wrong however, I’m just here just to tell you what I think and then get the opinion of you guys (and girls) out there in the real world. So here’s an opinion poll for you all to fill in:

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