Rain doesn’t dampen love bugs

Rain failed to dampen the spirits at a children’s card making event last week with insects being the theme for the day.

The event, held at Springbourne library on Saturday morning, encouraged children to create their own ‘love bug cards’ and despite the low attendance, this did not affect the happy atmosphere.

Sarah Jane Buckle, People Engagement Officer from the RSPB said: “I organized the event to get kids interested in nature and maybe interested in some of the amazing bugs which we have in this country. Also, in order to help them make cards for someone they love for Valentine’s Day.”

The engagement officer added: “Today is a bit rainy and we had only one kid but it was good. She enjoyed it. You cannot predict the weather so it is difficult to know who is going to come. Sometimes you get a hundred and sixty people and sometimes you get two.”

Miss Buckle and her assistant had prepared enough materials for making lovebug cards, expecting about 20 kids and their parents to arrive. The event started at 10.30am but until 11.30am, no more children had arrived.

The six year-old girl, Sophia, was very creative and did an excellent job. She painted each lovebug in different colours, drew a smile on one of the bug’s faces and sticked cute curly tails on. She made three bugs in total with sweet words written on them, expressing affection for her parents and her stepsister.

With only two adults and one child at the event, it was quiet but also very enjoyable.

Main photo credit: Xialu Wang

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