Reeve Kay wins Owner’s Bonus Trophy at Poole

Greyhound wins Poole Stadium’s Owner’s Bonus Series Final, earning a pig’s ear in the process.

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Reeve Kay has wrapped up Poole Greyhound Stadium’s Owner’s Bonus Series Final, landing her owner Richard Reeve, 33, the trophy, a £500 prize and a presentation jacket.

Mr Reeve said after the victory: “I’m very happy with the result. She raced outstandingly well and did much better than I thought she would.”

He added that, as a treat: “She’ll be getting a pig’s ear tomorrow. The dogs love that.”

The win was the dog’s third in as many races this month and she did so in style, completing the 450m in 27.09 seconds and beating her previous personal best by 0.42.

She came fastest out of the blocks and led by 3-4 lengths for the majority of Race 8 (21.22), with Live And Let Fly and Swift Shadow taking second and third.

Tuesday evening’s racing, watched by 376 people, got off to a cracking start, with Mandeville Mars stealing in for victory in the 19.37 after Scolaris Angel had taken a three-length lead into the third corner.

The only photo-finish of the night came in Race 6 (20.52), when Active Thrush just managed to nick victory from Gaytime Lexi, who had led by 3-4 lengths coming into the third corner.

And the night’s racing ended as dramatically as it had started, with Five Fingers pulling away in the final stretch of Race 12 (22.22), having been well in the pack until the final corner, to beat Lorna Doone and Ballyoak Lord into second and third place.

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