Ronan Keating has a ‘Hair raising experience’ at the BIC

Twenty years ago a show featuring Ronan Keating would have sold out weeks in advance but he could not fill the BIC (Bournemouth International Centre) on Sunday 28. The audience buzzed with excitement though thankfully a lot more tempered than the shrieking fans you would find at a Justin Bieber concert. The majority of the crowd appeared to be middle-aged women. Even after six years absence Ronan Keating is still a favourite with mums.
However despite Ronan Keating’s stellar performance, the show may have been stolen by opening singer Brian Mcfadden. People may have come to see Ronan Keating but they’ll remember Brian, he had the audience charmed, roaring with laughter and musically entertained.
He sang songs from his old and new albums as well as tributes to Westlife. He sang his new song ‘Crazy World’ which had an upbeat jazzy feel but was undeniably rock n’ roll. His songs were a variety of styles, which had the audience dancing in their seats. Between songs he would riff the audience with stand up comedy. Twice he went into the audience with his microphone to talk to particular loud and enthusiastic fans, the second time he had the crowd in stitches as he tried to find a way to get back onto the stage, making a comical commentary the whole time.

Despite Brian’s memorable performance, when Ronan came on stage and sang ‘If Tomorrow never comes’ the audience was in a frenzy. He effortlessly won the audience over when he said ” I hadn’t realised my hair makes me look like Jedward”
He sang a number of top hits, including’When you say nothing at all’ which he finished with an ear-piercing note that easily lasted 20 seconds.

Before nearly every song he stopped to give a heart-warming introduction and thanked his fans for their support. He commented on being back in the music business after six years,
“Its been great working in the studio again, writing new material”Backed by amazing laser shows and changing coloured stage lights, each of Ronan’s songs were a powerhouse ballad, he performed passionately with unfailing energy for over an hour and half.

Its great to be back in Bournemouth, I only wish it was summertime! – Ronan

The applause was as infectious as it was deafening as he finished with ‘Life is a Roller Coaster’, the floor shook as people danced in the stands.

February 14th, tickets for Boyzone’s new Tour are on sale.

Images provided by Nickta Rowaichi

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