Old Harry Rocks warning sign

Safety fences unlikely after Old Harry cliff death

Safety fences are not being considered at a Studland beauty spot where a woman fell to her death five days ago, say the National Trust.

The treacherous Old Harry Rocks were the scene of tragedy last Friday when a woman slipped off the edge.  Rescue efforts from the RNLI, Coastguard and air ambulance were unable to save her.

General Manager of the National Trust in Wessex Laurie Clarke says it is everyone’s responsibility to be cautious: “people should enjoy open spaces for what they are.  We health-check and keep it maintained with signs. It is important to keep dogs under control, keep kids away from cliffs, be careful out there but enjoy it.  What we do is more than adequate.  We keep it as natural as possible.  You should enjoy open spaces for what they are.”

Walker Natasha Solomons is aware of the danger.  She says special care should be taken on the cliffs: “it’s part of the countryside and there is a risk.  You do have to be careful… my parents had a dog fall off.”

Investigators are continuing to find an explanation for the death at the weekend but so far there are no plans for increased safety measures.

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