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Exclusive: Sunseeker boss commits to Poole

Boat-building firm Sunseeker has said “Poole is our home” following speculation it will leave the area.

Sunseeker in Poole has said it plans to keep its HQ at the Quay for the next 100 years.

Talking exclusively to the Breaker, Sunseeker Managing Director Robert Braithwaite said the luxury yacht maker had no plans to relocate.

Sunseeker employs over 2,500 people from across Dorset, and workers have sought reassurance from the company following recent investment from the Chinese conglomerate Wanda. 

Co-founder Mr Braithewaite said: “Poole is very important to us, we want to keep it our base for the next hundred years. It’s like home to us, I built my first boat here.”

Poole councillor Chris Wilson said: “It would be a great loss to Poole if they relocated. They are great for tourism and good for the economy.”

The latest Sunseeker super-yacht was sold to Formula One mogul Eddie Jordan for an estimated £32 million – the company’s largest build to date.

The size of the yacht raised initial concerns as there is limited space for building super-yachts of this magnitude in Poole.

However, tourism has seen an impact from building these large vessels.

Poole Tourism Manager, Graham Richardson, said: “It generates interest and provides exposure for Poole. It would be a bold move to leave an established set-up.”

Sunseeker are hoping to produce many more of these yachts, with three sales already in process.

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