Bournemouth University joined hundreds of institutions for this globally celebrated event

Safety first: Bournemouth marks cyber-security day

The annual event is organised by UK Safer Internet Centre. It seeks to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.

On Tuesday, the Information Security Team were available on Talbot Campus, talking to students about how they can stay safe online. An expert was also on hand at the Refreshers Fair to give out advice.

Ahead of the day, the University shared five pieces of advice about staying safe online. These included: find out more; ask for consent; talk about it; be in control; and take positive action.

More information about each of these suggestions can be found here.

Bournemouth University has its own cyber security lab on campus and offers degrees in cyber security management. From the labs, students can see where cyber attacks are happening all over the world.

Dr Edward Apeh, lecturer in cyber security management, explained the importance of educating young people about internet safety.

Safer Internet Day is celebrated by over one hundred countries, and is run with the support of the European Commission and national Safer Internet Centres across Europe.

Many schools participated in events throughout the day. The police, digital organisations and even national football teams also got involved:

To find out more about how to stay safe online, visit the UK Safer Internet Centre’s website or talk to the information security team at BU.

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