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PopSLATE screen for iPhone 5

A new case for iPhone 5 with an E-Ink screen is being developed.

Greg Moon and Yasha Behzadi, from South Califonia, are developing the new case, named PopSLATE, which can give an iPhone a second screen on the back. Using the same technology as Kindle, the screen is low power cost, long duration and well readable even in direct sunlight.

An app with the same name will be released simultaneously with the case. It allows people to regulate their cases with functions like displaying texts, taking pictures and grabbing images from the Internet. The app will be an application programming interface (API), which means it can be improved by anyone.


With the E-Ink technology, the screen will never automatically turn off like the iPhone screen and only needs a small power supplement. The case also only uses power when changing images and does no harm to the battery.

Although PopSLATE is much more advanced than normal cases, it provides tough protection for the iPhone as well.

Currently, the screen can only display two colours – black and white. According to Yashar Behzadi, the co-founder of PopSLATE, new colours are expected be added in early 2014.

The PopSLATE is expected to cost $119 (about £74).


Screen: Ruggedized, 4” diagonal E-Ink screen

Case dimensions: 5.35” x 2.56” x 0.54”

Weight: <75 grams

Case Color: Black or White

Compatibility: iPhone 5

Main image: PopSLATE

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