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Selfies, cat-fights and apron strings

The more time I spend with Scandinavians the more I become aware of the inherent behaviour adopted by young English females.

Just a few weeks ago I was in the lift at university in my sweat pants, hoodie, hair all over the show listening to Sonnentanz on Spotify when I could not help overhear the conversation, if you can even call it that: with two girls that I had the pleasure to be stuck in the lift with.

“Oh my god! I just can’t believe she bought the same top as you, as if she would even wear it in uni. I mean oh my god, and like even Pete said that she texts him like loads but like he doesn’t even reply. I would never wear that top. Did you even see her selfie?”

Ok seriously is it just me! Look I have taken the odd selfie, that I confess but the standard of conversation between two educated human beings is not looking bright for the future.

We are so hung up on material worth that our brains are formatting into a crazy self obsessed psycho hardrive for useless information. Come on- eat that chocolate bar, stuff you face with that brownie- who even said being a size 6 is hot?

I feel like in a few years our heads will no longer sit on top of our necks from our shoulders, instead we will only be able to look down with a curved neck like a swan due to the fact we cant walk to the bathroom without starring down at our phones on some social network site bumping into anyone that crosses our paths because we CANT SEE where we are going.

Why do people take their phones to the bathroom? It’s highly suspicious when you think you are on a really great date and the guy nips to the loo but can’t possibly leave his phone at the table in case you see his Tinder profile with the numerous other women he is trying to have it off with.

Sat at Gatwick airport in the process of boarding my flight to Reykjavik I was having a ‘conversation’ with two Norwegian girls; both International students, it was fascinating as we delved into English cultural differences. They are flabbergasted at the naivety and immaturity of English girls saying that, “why do some English girls go out and get so drunk they are sick in the street?”

Now this is not the first time I have heard this and the rest of Europe cannot all be wrong and believe me from my travels this is the general perception and consensus of English girls.

We seem to lack an air of sophistication, a sense of professionalism and pride. Come on girls, get a grip, grow up, cut the apron strings and become independent. Earn your own money instead of trying to bag a rich ‘twot’ that will probably cheat on you anyway or take longer than you to get ready. Enjoy your life and the world, who gives a damn if someone wears the same top as you! 1st world problems- get over it.

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