Slam dunk for BU’s ladies’ basketball team

BU’s womens’ basketball team thrashes University of Glamorgan, putting them at the top of the league.

Bournemouth University’s women’s basketball team has recorded a landslide victory after beating the University of Glamorgan 79-19, putting them at the top of the national university women’s league.

The game got off to a winning start for Bournemouth, who scored two points in the opening 10 seconds.

It continued to be very one-sided, with Bournemouth keeping control of the ball well. By the end of the first quarter Bournemouth were already in a commanding position, leading Glamorgan 23-4.

This dominance continued as the match went on, with Glamorgan having only scored 6 further points by the end of the third quarter. Bournemouth however managed 20 points in the second quarter and 24 in the third.

It became an aggressive game as time went on with players often becoming a tangle of arms and legs, fighting for possession of the ball. The referee was forced to halt play on a number of occasions.

Glamorgan came back stronger in the final quarter though, scoring 9 points. Despite this almost doubling their total, in the end this was too little too late.

Bournemouth will meet main rivals, Bath, at the end of the month in a battle for the league.

Team captain Ramona Varkoi said: “Obviously it’s nice to win and we’re really happy. Our aim is to win the league and we’re training really hard for our match with Bath in a few weeks time.”

Breaker’s woman of the match? Has to be the captain Ramona for her incredible shots that never seem to miss.

See some of them in the video below with our interview with coach Michaela Tucker-Blackford.

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