Obesity can be caused by junk foods

Special offers for shoppers linked to obesity

A report has found that shoppers committed to buying food and drink at discounted prices are more likely to suffer from obesity.

Cancer Research released the figures, which say that consumers who purchase large quantities of special offer items are 50% more likely to be obese.

The charity says that this obesity puts them at a greater risk of 13 different types of cancer including bowel and breast.

The study aims to investigate the habits of 16,000 British households, ranging from ‘bargain hunters’ to those who steer clear of special offers entirely.

Statistics show that shoppers with a propensity for buying discounted food and drink tend to bring home 6kg less fruit and vegetables than the national average.

It defined these customers as those who buy 40-80% of goods on special offer whilst buying their shopping.

“We want to see restrictions”

Alison Cox, director of cancer prevention at Cancer Research UK, said: “The government’s proposed 9pm ban on junk food ads is a step forward in fighting childhood obesity. Now we want to see restrictions on price promotions for unhealthy food and drink items, as well as those strategically-placed at checkouts. This will help families to make healthier choices.”

Cox also emphasised that price changes would only be the first step in solving the obesity crisis.

“There isn’t one magic fix for the problem, but removing these incentives to buy unhealthy food is key to changing it.”

Bournemouth shoppers had mixed opinions on organic or healthier options, but largely agreed that the price is an issue when trying to eat healthier.

Cancer Research are accepting donations online.


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