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Stay safe during Halloween

Dorset Police and South Western Ambulance Service will be working through the night to ensure that Bournemouth stays safe.

This year, Dorset Police are thinking ahead to prevent any incidents that may occur this Halloween. During the evening, many crimes are known to be committed, as some get carried away by their costumes.

The authorities are trying to raise awareness of the importance of safety so that everyone in Bournemouth can enjoy their night.


We spoke to Constable Andy Scarrat from the Bournemouth Neighbourhood Police Team. He said:

“It’s a case of making sure that the family in the house is okay with people knocking.”

He emphasised the importance of making it clear if you do or do not want people trick or treating at your house.

Constable Scarrat recommends that if you do not want to be disturbed tonight, you should make sure to turn the lights off. Dorset Police also provides a downloadable poster on their website to prepare for any trick-or-treaters.

If you wish to receive trick-or-treaters, you can put a little sign that shows that you welcome them. But always bare in mind your safety by ensuring no one enters your home.

Constable Scarrat said: “The main thing is to respect those who do not wish to participate tonight.”

Safe bus

South Western Ambulance Service will also be providing a safe bus at Horsehoe Common tonight until 4am for party goers, to ensure they end thier night safely.

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