‘The government does nothing at all’

Jim Hooper, farmer
Jim Hooper - a farmer from the Berry Hill Farm, sitting in front of his computer and waiting for the interview about upcoming general election.
Jim Hooper – Berry Hill Farm

We have been serving Bournemouth’s greengrocers and fruit and vegetable wholesalers with our products since 1938. I’ve taken over about 35 acres to farm. In my grandfather’s time, we had ten times more land than this.

This farm means everything to me. I’m passionate about it, even though it is really hard to make a living. I work 89 hours a week and don’t earn the money I pay the employees for 40 hours of work. It has always been a struggle. But I’m passionate about it. I want to do it.

In my opinion, the government does nothing at all. Traditionally, looking at the election, the Conservative Party would be for the farmers, and the Labour Party would be for those working in the industry. But in these times, both parties don’t represent anyone. It’s not so much about politics, which impacts farmers; it’s more the fact that supermarkets, the people who actually make the money in the world, have the power. They run the world, not the politicians. I think they don’t have any powers. They are puppets from the election.

As told to Thanh Hung Nguyen.

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