The Issue: Episode 4: Ukraine

This week, the Breaker devotes full coverage to the people of Ukraine and their stories

This week, the Breaker devotes full coverage to the people of Ukraine and their stories. We share Ukrainian voices, alongside those who have participated in helping those who are suffering.
Our journalists from The Breaker have given full focus on the people of Ukraine. We want to share, help, and show you how some of the survivors are coping with everyday life. Some of these innocent civilians are constantly moving from place to place whilst simultaneously loosing family members on the way. Through this podcast, want to make sure what is happening in Ukraine is known to all, with no filters, so collectively we can raise awareness and support for all those suffering.
However, the team was to reiterate the high sensitivity in this podcast.

We spoke to Ukrainian citizens who’s lives have been changed by the ongoing conflict, alongside politicians from both Ukraine and Russia to hear the views of those in power. We also look into those offering aid, such as people offering sanctuary to animals who have been caught in the crossfire and musicians around the world raising money to support those who have been impacted by the war.

The voices of the people featured are truly damaged, and we want to share our complete empathy and condolences to every individual that has taken part.
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This episode was hosted by Maddie Billson, produced by Kate Fry, and edited by James Kay

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