A fence painted the colours of the Ukrainian flag

Voices of resilience

Is the Ukraine war slipping out of the public consciousne

This episode of The Issue shines a light on the fading attention to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Join host Gift Osamwonyi as we hear from a CEO, a dedicated volunteer, and two Ukrainians who fled to the UK amidst the war’s chaos. Their poignant testimonies reveal the stark reality of dwindling media coverage and its impact on humanitarian efforts. Through their experiences, we’re reminded of the urgent need to amplify these voices, reignite public interest, and stand in solidarity with those affected. Tune in to this episode of The Issue for powerful stories that demand our attention and action.

This podcast was produced and edited by Megan Turner, with Maria Amaral. It was reported by Gokul Aanandh, Syed Akhter, Thanh Hung Hugthhgn, and Jenifer Chibuobasi.

Please vistit the Ukrainian Relief website for more details on their fight and to even find ways you can help.

For more information on figures discussed in the episode, visit the following websites. Countries currently at war and Ukrainian Refugees.

Soundcloud image by Unplash. Photo: Tina Hartung

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