‘The strike actions during the semester is a bit of a worry’

Wilson Omoniyi, student

I come from Nigeria, where students who attend public universities are used to a lot of strikes. The strike would cripple academic activities for as long as 9 months, where no lectures or learning activities would be held. I came to the UK with the mentality that this is a system that works. I paid thousands of pounds to be here. So, to see that my learning is affected by these strikes feels unjust. Some of my colleagues had sat in class for several hours, where no lecturer would show up. They didn’t know what was going on. They later found out that the lecturer was partaking in the strike without informing the students. I think having the strike actions during the semester is a bit of a worry.

I know that there are lots of windows that come up during the holiday periods where whatever needs to be done, can be done. It is better than when a programme is ongoing and then you begin to put stop gaps in between. As a new student, adjusting and adapting to a new culture, and a new environment have all been exciting. However, recollecting the experience of the strikes isn’t one I would like to add.

As told to Tolulope Aina.

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