‘They promise everything and then it never happens’ 

Mark Arnott, IT engineer

I have been living for five years in Bournemouth. Since we have been here, it’s been a negative development. It’s just going down and down and they don’t seem to do anything to fix this.

I don’t totally agree with policies in Bournemouth at the moment. I know the Conservative MP wants to make some changes to make it better, but once again, he promises everything and then nothing really happens. They end up saying there’s no money left. They spend it all on bicycle lanes they’ve never used. It is not a waste of money, but it could have been spent elsewhere because the roads are bad, holes everywhere.

Parking is very expensive. Bournemouth Council don’t seem to like cars. There has been a reduction in spaces and it affects local people. It’s so difficult to park a car and it’s expensive. If you wanna park a car for two hours, it’s £5. It’s ridiculous. There should be free car parking if they want people to come into the town and spend their money.

I do care about politics. I would like to see a party start delivering on their promises rather than just make empty proposes and not actually do anything. If the Conservatives get in, nothing will change. I think if a new party gets in or at least that party that might work with Conservatives and force them to make changes for the better. So a government that is like a mixture of parties might be the way for it.

As told to Uyen Ngo

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