Travellers occupying unauthorised land are to face legal action

Travellers who have set up camp on an unauthorised area of land in Poole are facing legal action.

Eight caravans and associated vehicles are on the site off Upton Road in Creekmoor.

A Borough of Poole spokesperson said: “We have served directions, and summons prior to court this morning.”

The travellers have been provided portable toilets to “minimise environmental contamination on the site.”

A group of four caravans had earlier occupied a plot of land on Serpentine Road but the owner of the land was notified by the council.

On average Poole sees nine unauthorised encampments a year.

The borough’s website says: “Some only stay a few days whilst others may remain for one or two weeks.

The Council and its partners have well-tested ways of managing these encampments.

We do this with due consideration of everyone in the encampment and the rest of the community.”

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