Tweets from the beach

As the sun came out over Bournemouth today delighted residents have ditched their winter clothes donned their shorts and headed for the beach. Ashley Crowson headed to Bournemouth’s beachfront to investigate and seemed just a little excited to be out of the office.

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‘Yoof’ News

Teenagers are turning away from news in their droves. Despite the plethora of online and offline sources that now exist to provide us with our daily dose of news, sport and entertainment, none have managed to capture a large youth audience. Ashley Crowson sets out his plan to introduce Britain's teenagers to news.
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The youth no longer get their news from just watching TV. In fact, studies indicate that they prefer spending hours on social networking sites to get their daily dose of news. In such a scenario how does TV news survive the onslaught of the 'digital age'? Debesh Banerjee suggests a way out through a TV news channel for the Indian youth.
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