Recycled Love Needed for Boscombe Vintage Shops

Vintage and antique shops in Boscombe complain about the lack of support and publicity from the Council.

Pokesdown has several vintage, arts and antique shops which are struggling to appeal to the public. Shop owners feel this is because suburbs outside of Bournemouth centre don’t receive support in promoting these other areas.

“We have all these amazing vintage and antique stores that most people don’t even know about. They definitely prefer to go to the square in Bournemouth but we have so much more to offer.” said Lynne McCarty, owner of “The Attic” vintage store.

“Most people don’t even know we have all these stores in Pokesdown, we could really use more promotion from the Council. I have also decided to start opening my store on Sundays since most people seem to like to go out and have a little stroll, especially now the weather is better.”

These complaints come after the Bournemouth Council has started a Neighbourhood Plan for  Boscombe and Pokesdown which is waiting for a response from the residents and other interested stakeholders until the 31st March 2016.
Many shop owners see this plan as beneficial, as this would mean the Council would be more involved in promoting and developing the commerce and the economic situation on the area.



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