Workshops for schools about the dangers of alcohol

Local charity organisations work in coordination Dorset Police and Dorset Safe Schools and Communities Team (SSCT) towards educating children about the dangers of binge drinking.

Several charity organisations, in coordination with Dorset Police and Dorset Safe Schools and Communities Team (SSCT), are working towards educating young people about the consequences of, and risks associated with drinking alcohol.

According to Dorset police statistics, alcohol-related crime in Dorset has gone down by 2% in recent times. Organisations are applying theatre and poetry workshops in schools to inform students of the dangers of alcohol and drug addiction. Since 2007, a total of 28 secondary schools have benefited from these workshops.

A Safe Schools and Communities Officer, said: “The idea of the workshop is to make it fun and informative and hopefully, young people will go home with a new found understanding of the dangers and risks involved with drinking alcohol. Always drink responsibly and consider the consequences for you and your family and friends.”

The work shops including role play activities and other performances by the children.

Fayegarner Wilson, a year six teacher from Kings Park Primary School, said: “These workshops that educate kids about the dangers of alcohol are very useful. Drama is an interactive medium and it makes kids aware of the dangers. So we are supportive of these workshops.”

Vita Nova, a charity organisation, is running similar programmes in schools. Dave Walker of Vita Nova said: “We are approaching the students of year six. The project is called the Community Challenge Project wherein we involve young students in a series of theatre performances and creative writing.”

Paul Hawkins tells us more about the project Vita Nova is conducting.

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