100% of BU International students are employed, says survey

The survey shows that the employability rate for International students is higher than the UK number, which is 90%.

David Wakeford, Head of Careers and Employability at BU, said: “The employers are also seeking elements of internationalization. They want people that can work in different cultures and have different experiences from different countries.”

This comes a few days after the report published by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) and Kaplan International Pathways highlighting the financial contribution from International graduates to the UK economy.

The study shows that International students who stay and work in the UK after graduation pay  £3.2bn in income tax, VAT, national insurance and other revenues.

Andrew Bird, Head of International Marketing and Student Recruitment at BU, said: “Bournemouth has a long history of welcoming non-UK students to the region.”

He added: “This report shows the financial contribution to the British economy as a whole and is timely as the UK considers its place in the global marketplace.”

A new strategy

The government has also published a new strategy outlining plans to increase international student numbers by 30%.

The strategy sets out an ambition to increase the number of international students during the year to 600,000 and generate £35 billion through education exports by 2030.

It focus on retaining existing markets like Europe and raising the profile of the education sector in global markets such as Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Bournemouth University has a community of over 2,600 students from around 120 different countries.

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