Bournemouth is a social mobility ‘coldspot’ for children

A new study published by the UK government says children in Bournemouth are less likely to change their social class.

The Social Mobility Index compares the chance a child coming from a more deprived background has to do well at school and getting a job.

Despite its ‘coldspot’ designation, Bournemouth ranks 29th in performance in education but shows that children struggle to find success as adults due to a weak local labour market or high housing costs.

Bournemouth is considered a coldspot, an area of low social mobility.

Bournemouth beach Charles D P Miller
Research dedicated that coastal areas hard to creating opportunities. (Photo: Charles D P Miller)

The research shows that coastal areas are amongst the worst at creating opportunities for disadvantaged children. Many of these areas struggle on both educational measures and adulthood outcomes, giving young people from less advantaged backgrounds limited opportunities to more forward in their careers. Bournemouth tourism competing with other Mediterranean vacation spots is one of the main causes for the lack of employment.

The index takes in account education, opportunities at local jobs, and housing markets to identify the best and worst places in England for young people from poorer backgrounds to succeed.

This is the first study to give a detailed look at social mobility in local areas across England.

At the time of the closing of the publication, Bournemouth Council had not made a comment regarding the rank or the measures being made to change this situation.



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