Dorset hospital initiative to improve NHS care

The Christchurch and Southbourne community mental health team is working to equip the NHS with its first-ever master document of activities in the local area.

This will be matched to patient’s interests and used to encourage them to benefit from available resources near the hospital.  

Project manager and occupational therapist Nia Williams said the idea was thought out by her patients, who have already stated their interests in a questionnaire. They also volunteered to help by carrying out research of activity prices and other related issues.

“I was told they were bored and didn’t really know the area, but wanted more to do locally, so we’re responding by signposting them in the right direction – considering their special needs as mental health patients,” she said.

To date, the content of this master document has only ever appeared scattered across leaflets, with patients reporting feelings of confusion. But the initiative aims to make the information more targeted to the individual, accessible and clear.

“The goal is to improve the overall well-being of mental health patients by boosting their opportunities for social interaction. We want to encourage them to establish a healthy balance in their lives, and this can only be achieved by incorporating a mix of leisure and productivity into their routine. The master document will make this task a lot easier, and I think it will be a massive service improvement for NHS community trusts,” added Ms Williams. 

To hear more about the initiative, click below.


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