A week of “Talent and Fashion” raising the profile of Boscombe

A special week of events including fashion shows and talent competitions which hoped to better the image of the troubled area, ended yesterday.

Clare Belmont, the organizer of the Talent and Fashion Week, said that as far as she is concerned, all the goals of the events held inside the Sovereign Shopping Centre were achieved.

“The entire weekend was  successful, increasing footfall in the shopping centre and the local area, raising the profile of Boscombe, and we got great feedback from everyone who took part,” she said.

The events gave young artists the opportunity to showcase their work and they gained experience from these events, she added.

The Talent and Fashion Week started on the last Monday with various organisations in the Sovereign Shopping Centre providing information to young people about their services through the whole week.

Last Friday and Saturday, two fashion shows involving adults and children took place in the centre. On the Sunday, a talent show gave the opportunity for locals of all ages to display their skills.

Take a look at the performance on Friday’s fashion show

“The fashion show is fun, and with the food the drinks inside the centre, I really enjoyed it,” said Vicki Wang who attended the Fashion Show.

“We are very honored to hold the week’s events in the center which provided locals with a platform to demonstrate their talent,” said Ray McGlynn, the Sovereign Shopping Centre Manager.


Main photo: Miao Cai

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