SUBU election is a ‘confidence booster’

The SUBU building was buzzing with palpable energy as election season was about to start. While the campaigners were busy advocating their parties and giving out flyers all over the campus, The Breaker managed to get into a dialogue with one of the candidates- Nia Taylors Aiken.

Second year BA (Hons) Communication and Media student, Aiken is standing up for the position of educational officer in the same faculty. Her motivation to canvass for elections is driven by a need to ‘get more involved’ and ‘develop self-confidence’.

“I always wanted to do it (run for elections) in high school. Now, that I have done my first year, I know BU and I feel like I can really use that to help people”, remarked Aiken.

When discussing the changes she wants to bring in, Aiken mentioned that students in the first year find it difficult to ‘transition from A-levels to university’. “I just want people to understand that they have someone to talk to”, said Aiken.

Aiken promises that she is going to make sure to be ‘involved in the faculty and know who runs what course’ to help students out.

Elaborating on the need to have the particular post, Aiken said: “BU is well known for its media courses. Making sure the faculty is running well and the students are happy is really important part of the role.”

As part of her final pitch, Aiken said: “I think you should vote for me because I do really want to make a change at BU. I want students to feel happy with the faculty. I am not a lecturer, I am not going to pester them. If they genuinely need help, I can be there for them.”

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