An ode to the pandemic-born businesses

During the pandemic, two former BU students started a production company. Now they are shooting music videos for clients. They are just two, of many, who managed to make the best out of a worse situation.

Background – the local situation:

Bournemouth, much like the rest of the UK – the world in fact, has been undergoing a hard time. Whether that be financially or otherwise. David Mutton, a local business owner, says there was several reasons for this. He says that businesses forced to close due to restrictions have struggled due to ‘uncertainty’. This includes businesses in the ‘tourism’ and ‘hospitality’ industries as well as others. An interview I did with BHLIVE staff member, David Southam, backs this up. Mr. Southam said that due to COVID, BHLIVE had to fire ‘200’ staff members. BHLIVE is a local hospitality company. Owning Gyms throughout Bournemouth, as well as the BIC and Pavilion Theatre. David Mutton also says that even businesses which stayed open throughout struggled. This was due to issues with ‘supply chains’ as well as other factors.

Background – COVID start-ups

However, despite all this David Mutton did note some people made the most of the down-time caused by lockdown.

I have been aware, personally, of people who have been put on furlough; and have used that time to start their own businesses

-David Mutton

David says the ‘flexibility’ of these COVID start-up is one of their biggest benefits. He says they can ‘move in ways’ more established businesses can’t. David also notes that the pandemics ‘online shopping’ trend is here to ‘stay’. While the demand for products and services from these COVID start-ups will also remain. Another benefit which David points out is many new COVID start-ups begin without the debt pre-pandemic businesses face due to COVID.

Demand will be similar, in many areas. It’s not gonna’ just fall off a cliff

-David Mutton

David Mutton has also taken a roll at the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). He assists with Dorset Gateway. Which is an LEP ‘growth hub. aimed at helping ‘all levels’ of local businesses. You can read about the charity here, or hear what David says Dorset Gateway bellow:

I interviewed David as a local business owner, rather than him speaking on behalf of Dorset LEP.

One House Productions – an ode to COVID start-ups:

Dan and Khi review footage with a client. Source: One House Productions

Around Christmas time 2020, former BU student, Daniel Haddad was approached by a friend from university. Khi Alexis, who studied TV production with Dan, proposed that they start a production company together. Soon they created One House Productions. Dan says, that the name came from something a lecturer they shared at University would say to get their course-mates’ attention. In fact, Dan already had the name for the company registered from University. One House productions is a productions company, which has already shot one music video in its short life-span, with more projects in the works. In a recent interview, Khi says One House Productions has ‘brought somebody on’, to help the company grow. They have sought out another one of their former course-mates from university, asking him to join.

Khi and Dan’s mantras of ‘just get it done’ or ‘you have nothing to lose right now’ were apparent in our interviews. With Khi saying that, despite the pandemic and all of the issues it caused for filming, the biggest struggle was transitioning ‘from thinking TV, film – to making music videos’.

If you’re passionate about something, and you’re hungry for it, then you [have to] go out there and eat, man.

-Khi Alexis

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