Graduate jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic: What happens now?

You’ve graduated university during the coronavirus pandemic, so now how do you go about getting a job?

Coronavirus has caused much disruption to the academic year in universities up and down the country. Many students have had their final year cut short and are now completing their degrees from home – but what happens next?

Traditionally, many students go on to get graduate level jobs soon after the completion of their degrees, but with the coronavirus pandemic leaving nearly a quarter of the working UK population furloughed, and many more unemployed, there has been a significant knock-on effect to the recruitment sector.

Euan Thomas, a final year Media Production student at Bournemouth University, said “it’s quite a nerve-wracking time. I’m really hoping I can use my degree, but I might have to pursue something else just to make-ends-meet for the moment”.

Placements also effected

Not only are graduate jobs being effected by coronavirus, but placements too.

Many employers have found themselves having to turn down or cancel work experience placements this summer – something vital for students to stand out in the job market.

Lorna Cree, a Media and Coms graduate from Bournemouth University, had a graduate job lined up at a television production company, from which she was let go before she’d even started.

“It’s been really hard going from thinking you have secure employment to having nothing weeks before you’re due to start”, said Cree.

“What’s harder is there is so few jobs available right now, I’m not sure when I will be able to get employment and the knock-on effect on my finances is really starting to worry me”, Cree added.

Marketing Director of Debut Careers, Kim Conner Streich believes hope is not lost though.

“Employers are still working out their plans and they will be wanting to work with the students to help them through the assessment process”, said Streich.

“Employers will also be making sure that they communicate changes to the application process. Keep applying for roles. Normality will resume and when it does if you have made applications you will be ahead of the curve”, Streich added.

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