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UK Anti Doping Agency is to tackle doping in the sport with 100% me campaign.

The UK Anti-Doping agency’s 100% me campaign is an attempt to eliminate culture within sport which allowed cycling to be plagued with the use of doping.

The World Anti-Doping agency (WADA) recently decided not to appeal the US Anti-Doping agency’s (USADA) decision to strip Lance Armstrong of his 7 Tour de France victories and ban him from cycling for life.

The sports reputation took a massive blow when speculation regarding Armstrong’s use of illegal supplements turned out to be true. The sport has battled with a dirty reputation for quite some time and the road ahead seems tougher than ever.

One of the measures taken by the UK Anti-Doping agency to encourage athletes around the country to train and compete on a fair level is the “100% me” campaign. The campaign sets out to help people navigate the minefield of drugs and competition rules.

The campaign also offers:

  • Support phone line
  • Interactive workshops
  • Webinars
  • Sport event education
  • Athlete inductions
  • Sprint sessions

Creating awareness about individual athletes responsibilities when it comes to what they put into their bodies before, during and after competitions is also a big part of the agency’s job.

According to UK Anti Doping the goal is to make sport fun again, especially for kids. The summer’s Olympic success is used to keep the momentum going and get people involved in clean sports. The agency says it is important to give athletes credit for their achievements where it is due and make sure that great performances don’t become the subject of doubt or scrutiny.

Have your say on the challenges faced by sports and athletes to keep clean and play fair in the comment section below, and if you are interested in the work done by the Anti-Doping agency, you can find some more information here!

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