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Cherries Premier League promotion set to boost Bournemouth’s economy

AFC Bournemouth promotion in Premier League is set to boost town’s economy by £60 million during the next nine months.

AFC Bournemouth’s promotion to the Premier League is set to boost Bournemouth’s economy in the short and long term.

The profile of Bournemouth as a global tourism destination is likely to rise in the next nine months, according to Dr.Richard Shipway, associate dean of Bournemouth University’s School of Tourism.

“The key issue is to look at how they can leverage the benefits for the long term in the coming year, to promote both the town but also the region,” Dr.Shipway said.

Asked about the potential economic benefits, Dr.Shipway was optimistic. “There will be direct benefits to the football club which will come from the revenues of broadcast organisations. In terms of benefits to the local economy, it could be something in the region of £50 to £60 million”.

In fact, Dr.Shipway highlighted previous studies carried out by Cardiff University, which estimated that Swansea City Football Club’s promotion to the Premier League benefited the local economy by £58 million.

Tourism agencies in Bournemouth recognise the benefits of having supporters from all over the world once the Cherries will be in the most important league in English football.

“We think it will have a very positive impact,” said Dave Cavill from STA Travel in Bournemouth Square. “People from all over the world could be coming to Bournemouth.”

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