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The most awesome thing I have ever done: I spent half a year working and travelling through Australia and New Zealand where I slept and lived in a car. This year’s Christmas wish list: A guide for the 200 mile Cape Wrath Track (to be attempted in summer), a wetsuit for sailing, a good photo camera. What I want to do before I turn 35: Spend a year in Canada to shoot nature and travel documentaries; eventually settle down for real; have two kids, a horse, rabbits and a dog. What I want from my future job: I want to save the earth; I would like to combine media, travel and conservation of the environment.

Austrian hiker survives Iceland cross

An new documentary shows how a 23 year old Austrian girl nearly got lost on her 25 day hike through the frozen Highlands of Iceland last summer. “I have never been so scared in my life”, the blond girl whimpers into the lens of her camera. She stands on a high slope in the middle of the Icelandic mountains as the ground under her feet begins to move.
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