Boscombe‘s Traffic To Be Hampered Until Spring

Boscombe’s main entrance hit by road closures for the next five months

Road closures in Boscombe’s St John’s junction will lead to a disruption in traffic flow for motorists on Palmerston Road and Christchurch Road for the next five months.

St John’s Road and part of Boscombe Crescent has been closed as of last Monday as part of a scheme to improve public space.  The scheme is a part of Bournemouth Borough Council’s Backing Boscombe initiative. The highway changes and road closures will last until the scheme is complete in March 2015.

“Traffic is bad especially during mornings and afternoons,’’ says Mo Saeed, owner of Roxy mobile & Internet services near St John’s junction.

Mr Saeed complains about the lack of information of the scheme as well as the temporary traffic lights that are not beneficial for the traffic flow.

Officials deny these allegations saying: “We preplan, to cause minimum disruption to local people, business and public traveling. It is a priority to keep traffic moving and maintain access to Boscombe Precinct and business,” says Ian Kalra, head of transportation services at Bournemouth Borough Council

He added: “To avoid additional congestion; we are taking off the traffic lights in St John’s junction for a period of time.”

Mr Kalra says they carried out a comprehensive public consultation during the scheme development and informed residents and businesses about the road closures.

“Road closures do not bother me at all. Workers are doing a good job,” says Jon Tena, owner of the buy and sell centre near St John’s junction.

Mr Tena thinks money spent in this area is a good thing and will make Boscombe a nicer place to live in.

However, Derek Nash, a local Boscombe resident says: “This scheme is a waste of money, it is all in favour of tourists. ” He says that road closures are causing bus delays which holds him up, while the money spent on the scheme should instead be spent on helping local drug users and poverty in the area.


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