Dorset Pubs thrive on business from live bands

Several pubs in Bournemouth and Poole are relying on live band performances for a better part of their business, but do customers enjoy this new surge in live entertainment?

Several local pubs in Bournemouth and Poole have bands performing live all throughout the week, but does this help promote business?

Fiona Corkery, the manager of O’Neills, Bournemouth, said: “We have live music six days a week at the pub. Live bands are an integral part of business for us. Some of the bands have a huge fan following and that draws in a lot of customers for us. On some evenings we have to staff up accordingly. We have established bands playing over the weekend and that makes it a very busy time at the pub. People come in specifically to see the bands.”

But the ever increasing number of live music performances in their local pubs has received mixed reviews from customers.  [audio:|titles=pub]

For bands, however, performing live at pubs is an important platform. Nick, member of local band, the Hot Heads, said: “We perform mainly at pubs as it is necessary to get out there and play and take every opportunity that comes your way.”

For some pubs, live music nights is what brings in business.

Jake Wilsonmckins, manager of Lord Nelson in Poole, said: “Compared to nights when there is no band playing, business on live music nights is much better. People who don’t usually walk into a pub do come in if they know their favourite band is playing and end up spending a lot of money while they’re here.”

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