Bournemouth beach gets a clean

Bournemouth beach will be receiving a thorough clean next month as part of a voluntary campaign.

The campaign is organized by Dorset Countryside, a Dorset Council initiative and is aiming to clean 24 beaches in Dorset.

Jenny Penny, coordinator of the Dorset Beach Clean said: “We aim to collect plastic bottles and bags by cooperating with volunteers and help to keep Dorset beaches clean.

“All the equipment will be provided such as litter pickers, bags and gloves,” she said.

There would also be a beach master who will give quick guidelines about what people should do as well as a run over on health and safety.

This year Dorset Countryside is cooperating with other organisations such as Wessex Angling, which has 15 clubs along the coast and their members will also be joining the campaign.

Matilda Bark , beach care officer of Dorset Coast Forum said: “What we’re doing now is talking to people to find out what they love about the beach and hopefully encouraging them to take pride in their local beaches.”

All beach monitoring results will be forwarded to the Marine Conservation Society in support of the International anti-marine pollution initiative.

The campaign that was attended by 600 volunteers would starts on 21st of April and everybody is welcome.

Main photo: geograph

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