Bournemouth cafes feel the brunt of recession

Independent cafes in Bournemouth are feeling the pinch of recession, with some reporting a drop in sales this year.

Hasti Hawis, manager of the Greek Cafe in Winton said: “Business hasn’t been as busy as it usually is. There has definitely been a noticeable difference this year. We haven’t had too many part time jobs to give either. December was especially dull as even most students go home then.”

Mr. Hawis hopes business will pick up in the summer with more students in the town.

A part time worker at Cafe Fresco in Westbourne said: “Business has gone down drastically,we’ve even had a cut back on the number of hours we get to work during the week. There are very few people coming in even in the winter.”

Luke Lamb of the Cafe Boscanova in Boscome said: “We have a good mix of customers, not only particularly students or older citizens. So there has not been a huge difference as there’s a varying age group who can still afford to come in just as often as they used to. It hasn’t been too much of a worry yet. However we don’t take on too many part time workers.”

“On an average a cup of black coffee costs £ 1.95. We have customers coming in for beverages and food. There isn’t too much of a difference in that.”


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