Bournemouth chamber gears up for the Baron of Beef launch night

Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce are all geared up to launch one of their biggest events, the Baron of Beef dinner party launching the food and drinks festival.

The chamber recently celebrated its 100th year anniversary.

The Bournemouth Tradesmens Baron of Beef Association was set up in 1885 whose main purpose was to meet quarterly for “the discussion of public matters affecting the general welfare of the Town” and also to hold annually a Baron of Beef dinner on the third Thursday of February.

The event was later recreated by the Chamber and BAHA to launch the Bournemouth Food & Drink Festival with a dinner celebrating Dorset food and drink.

“This is a very special year and people will get to see extra entertainment comprising of extremely talented entertainers with a birthday cake to celebrate the 100 year anniversary,” said Tim Seward, Executive Director for the events in the Chamber.

Bournemouth chamber has been creating these events for many years and most of them are self funding, as is the case with this one. Adding to this, many local businesses sponsor a variety of products.

“The launch night of the Baron of Beef Food and Drinks festival is limited up to a 120 people with less than 80 tickets left.” Mr Seward added: “Any small or start-up business that is a member of the chamber get to showcase themselves in such big events to help them receive recognition.”

Peter Matthews, the president of the chamber, along with his executive volunteers provide and encourage the local and small businesses with a better business community, he said:

“However, we only launch the Baron of Beef festival along with the event managers of the food and drinks and not literally taking care of the food and drinks festival for all the ten days. But, we do oversee the happenings once the festival starts.”

The Baron of Beef  Food and Drinks festival will be launching on the 16th of June at the Ocean View Hotel.

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