Bournemouth coffee drinkers encouraged to reuse cups

Bournemouth coffee shops are expected to rethink their marketing of reusable cups, as a new report shows that less than 1% of paper cups are recycled. 

5,000 paper cups are being thrown away per minute in the UK, according to the War on Waste campaign led by chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

He says these are burnt or sent to landfill.



Mandy Goetz, a regular Bournemouth Starbucks customer, uses a take-away cup even when she drinks in. She says a charge should be introduced for paper cups, similar to that of plastic bags.

Chyna Miller-Cooper, whose family own Cool Beans café in Boscome East, says they might introduce reusable cups in light of the report.

But Andy Almalla doesn’t think paper cups can be replaced.

The campaign is calling coffee shops to discuss paper cup disposal.

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