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Bournemouth Council eco-homes spark frustration

Calls have been made for Bournemouth Council to build more affordable homes as three new eco-friendly council homes in West Howe are unveiled.

The properties will provide homes for a few households on the council house waiting list.

3,511 households remained on the waiting list in Bournemouth as of April 2017, according to government data.

People have expressed their anger on social media at the small number of houses built.



Energy efficient housing

The two-bedroom houses should reduce energy demand by up to 90% compared to a building complying to current UK building regulations.

Green Party Councillor, Simon Bull, believes the new eco-homes are a positive step forward for Bournemouth in reducing its carbon footprint.

He said: “It would seem logical that all houses were built to this standard and stop using so much of the planets resources”

there needs to be more fundamental changes

Talking of the housing crisis, Councillor Bull said: “I commend the council for building the eco-homes but there needs to be more fundamental changes. Three houses isn’t enough.”

Completion of the three houses comes as levels of homelessness in the town continue to rise.

Homelessness up by 300%

Government statistics show a 300% increase in rough sleepers in Bournemouth in the last decade from 2010-2017.

Claire Mitchell, founder of local homeless charity Hope for Food, said: “we provide food to families who are on the waiting list for a council house as well as the homeless.”

Mrs Mitchell added: “the number of people coming to us for help has increased by 45% since Easter.”

A Homelessness Reduction Act was brought in this year to give councils a legal duty to prevent homelessness.

Bournemouth council pledged to spend £9.6m on services directly supporting people faced with homelessness in their 2018/2019 budget.

The three new eco-homes in West Howe will contribute to the housing stock in Bournemouth and support those facing homelessness.


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