Closure of main bus station at Bournemouth causes mixed reaction

The temporary closure of the main bus station at Bournemouth that started today has caused divided opinion for commuters and transportation workers.

The bus station closure is part of the council’s plan to improve Bournemouth train station. The council has stated that alternative bus stops will now share the same route to reach the station as the taxis. The improvement works may cause bus delays and traffic jams.

Bournemouth taxi driver Fred Haywood said: “It’s going to be positive, it’s long overdue, our station is not a very good example of how fabulous Bournemouth is. It’s going to be needed, it’ll be a much fairer system, it’ll be quick, buses on both sides. It will raise the profile of Bournemouth.”

While bus driver Mike said: “The taxi drivers get less room which is not fair on them because they have a business as well.”

A frequent bus commuter, Peter Estelle, said: “I think it’s good, the improvement will make the station look more modernised and with the lane closure I think that with change always comes reorganisation, but this will make Bournemouth more pleasant to be in.”

The rotation of the Bournemouth buses will not be affected by the closure.

“It has to get worse before it gets better,” Haywood said.

Yellow Buses and More Buses have stated that the improvement works will not change bus rotations.

In a press release statement, Yellow Buses have said: ‘Until further notice due to improvement works at Bournemouth Rail Station stops away from the Town Centre have moved and are are now forward of their previous position. All information has been moved to the new stops and the stop into the Town Centre by the bridge remains unaffected.’



Bournemouth Commuters look on as the bus station in Bournemouth begins improvement works Photo by Hussain Aldossari


Bournemouth Train Station
Bournemouth’s main bus station temporarily closed Photo by Hussain Aldossari


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