Council prepares for cold snap

Bournemouth council has provided Government Insulation Grants, free smoke alarms and health advice to help residents to prepare for a much colder or even hazardous weather.

Bournemouth council has  provided  Government Insulation Grants, smoke alarms and health advice to work with local government agencies to help to prepare for a much colder or even hazardous weather.

The council has coordinated with different organisations such as Dorset Energy to keep residents’ homes warm during the cold snap. The Government grants will help cover the cost of further insulating their homes and  paying for repairs of broken heaters. People with low income will be treated with priority.

A small team will be patrolling the streets  in the evening to make sure any homeless people won’t sleep outside. They will be taken to special shelters run by housing associations.

Neil Short, a policy development officer for  environmental health team, said: “The freezing weather has been a big issue right now. The council will help our residents to prepare for it. It is not only for this winter. It is a whole-year work.”

£150,000 has been set aside for a Road Rescue programme to deal with potential traffic difficulties caused by the freezing conditions.  A team of gritters are ready for a contingency potholes repairing work.

A list of information relating to winter fuel payments, warm maintenance advice has been published to guide residents on the Bournemouth Council website.

No school has yet been closed due to the cold weather.


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