Bournemouth council refurbishes public toilets

As part of the council’s £1 million ‘Smart Streets’ programme, several of Bournemouth’s heavily used public toilets will be refurbished this spring, costing £175,000.

Smart Streets is a 12 month campaign in which £1 million is being invested in environmental initiatives and street scene improvements across Bournemouth.

Public conveniences such as improved access and facilities for individuals with special needs, baby changing provisions and extensive redecoration are included in the plan.

Cllr Michael Filer, portfolio holder for Transport and Technical Services, said: “We are pleased to make these improvements for our residents by including this in our £1 million Smart Streets’ programme.”

Currently, the work included is full redecoration and the introduction of on-site attendant at the Lower Gardens. This is to ensure a clean and fully stocked facility, reduce anti-social behaviour and help with the new ‘Changing Places’ facility for the disabled. A complete redecoration plan has also been made for the Travel interchange in Bournemouth.

Cllr Michael added: “Some of our most heavily used facilities are in the town centre and the travel interchange. Hence, our target is to make them fully accessible for use.”

The site at Poole Hill is going to be closed due to vandalism, anti-social behaviour and poor usage rates. This will be reinstalled at the Travel Interchange.

Further public improvement plans are still under review.


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