Ilker Kocas

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Currently studying MA International Journalism at Bournemouth University. I have done my BA on Global and International studies at SUNY Binghamton University and Bilkent University.

Young Turks

Gaining attention of young people is such a hard mission in Turkey nowadays. Especially for a news channel aiming 13- 19 year old people as its target audience it is even harder.Young Turks which is a news channel for English speaking kids and teenagers Turkey will take some steps in order to by pass the difficulties.
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Q&A Spice It Up

Bournemouth University students have organised a non-profit event in aid of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. Ilker Kocas interviewed BU student and organiser Lucy Demuth to find out more.
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The guerilla artist

He is son of a butcher… He was born in 1978, no 1974, wait maybe 1980s, maybe he's a teenager or a middle-aged man. No wait he must be an artist…The legend of Banksy is getting bigger and so do the prices of his graffiti. Ilker Kocas looks at the Banksy Phenomenon.
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