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Bournemouth University students have organised a non-profit event in aid of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. Ilker Kocas interviewed BU student and organiser Lucy Demuth to find out more.

Students at Bournemouth University are organising a non profit event in aid of Leukaemia and Lymphoma research.

The UK charity Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research is mainly dedicated to researching cures for blood cancer. The charity started when the parents of Susan Eastwood lost their daughter to leukaemia, aged six in 1960. They then started fundraising for research that would find a cure for leukaemia.

In UK around 7,600 people get blood cancer every year, 94 per cent of which are adults. Spice It Up is an international student party, which will take place on Monday at Old Fire Station at 21:00 with proceeds going towards the charity’s fight for a cure.

The Breaker went to talk to BU student, Lucy Demuth who is team leader and one of the organisers of the event.

The Breaker: Can you tell us who is involved in the organisation process?

Spice it up poster Image: Spice

Lucy Demuth: There is a team of seven of us from the Masters Event Management Course, thereis myself who is the Team leader, who’s Lucy and I’m from England, Vicki who is the Risk Manager and she is from Bulgaria, Merve who is the Environmental Manager who is from Turkey, Prisci who is the Operations Manager she’s from Costa Rica, Angela who is the Finance Manager who is from Austria, Emily who is the Marketing Manager who is also from England, and Marilina who is the Design Manager from Greece. As the event is in aid of Leukaemia/Lymphoma research we have also been working closely with the charity throughout the organising process. We have also been working closely with SUBU and The Old Fire Station.

The Breaker: Who are the target audience for the event?


Lucy Demuth: We are targeting International Post-Garduate Students, but this does not mean that you can not be from England because everyone is international to each other.

The Breaker: Can you tell us about the shows that will take place at the event

Lucy Demuth: During the event we will have a variety of performers; we will have Asainnite Bournemouth as our DJ, we will have The Good Foot Band, the BU Dance Society, the BU Ballroom and Latin Dance Society, a Fire Juggler outside The Old Fire Station, and a young lady playing the Chinese Fast Boards.

The Breaker: Is it for the first time that BU students have created an event to help this organisation?

Lucy Demuth: This is not the first time that BU students have worked with Leukeamia/Lymphoma research organising an event at The Old Fire Station, however this is the first time it is has been targeted at international students.

The Breaker: What will the concept of the event be?

Lucy Demuth: The concept of our event is an international student party, we want all of the international students to feel that they can celebrate being internationals and studying at Bournemouth University. We want the event to be an international celebration on this party sensation.

The Breaker: What other events do they have upcoming?
[audio:http://www.thebreaker.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/answer.mp3|titles=answer] Lucy Demuth: As an event team do not have any events upcoming apart from the Spice It Up! night, however we would like to hope that we can have more international parties for the international community at Bournemouth University.

Main Image: Leukaemia world map, death – Lokal Profil, via Wikimedia Commons

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