Youth unemployment low in Bournemouth, says survey

Cities Outlook 2012 indexed 64 of the largest cities and towns in the UK. And only 0.3% of Bournemouth residents are claiming the job seekers’ allowance.

Only 0.3% of Bournemouth residents are claiming the job seekers’ allowance (JSA), the best performance by any city in the 2012 survey. JSA count is one of the ways to measure unemployment trends in larger cities.

Bournemouth is performing well in a ‘sluggish’ national economy, according to Centre for Cities fifth annual index of UK Cities.

Chief executive of Centre for Cities Alexandra Jones said: ‘The year ahead is going to be touch and go for all UK cities but Cities Outlook 2012 shows that some cities are well-placed to kickstart economic growth.”

Two thirds of cities had a higher number of people on Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) than the national average.

The index of 64 of the largest cities and towns in the UK sets out how they are performing in the challenging economic circumstances, and predicts changes in 2012.

Bournemouth was in the top six for the lowest youth and long-term claimant rate, recording 3.2 percent. In a recent council meeting, the idea of employability schemes were discussed, the aim being to boost businesses across Dorset to create employment for 16-24 year-olds within the area.

Bournemouth did not experience any increase in their claimant count either, a positive step towards finding jobs for those who are already on JSA.

The survey also captured how innovation varied across UK cities. This was meant to be a reflection on the increasing importance of innovation for future economic growth and job creation in the UK. Bournemouth had increased to 68.6% from 2009.

Despite Bournemouth retaining its position in the top ten, there was still a large decrease reported in business value and success: In 2010 start up businesses in Bournemouth were at 40.8 percent but business closures were up to 56.6 percent. The acceleration of business closure was reported nationwide.

Councillor Peter Box, Leader Wakefield Council, Chairman LGA Economy and Transport Board said: “Whilst the economic challenges facing the country are significant, there is considerable variation from place to place, that the economic story in each of our cities is complex and nuanced. It is essential that local civic and business leaders who understand their cities better than others, grasp this complexity and show the leadership we need to secure our economic future.”

The economic outlook for 2012 is extremely challenging, however Bournemouth has made a positive start to the calender year.


The full report can be seen here (PDF Format).


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