Bournemouth residents unhappy with new recycling system

Residents are unhappy about a new recycling system which was introduced to save 495 thousand pounds a year.

The change means that trash bins are collected on alternative weeks. This saves approximately 495 thousand pounds a year as cuts are needed in the government’s funding. The government also claims that by introducing the new system, they are encouraging people to recycle more.

But not everybody is happy with the new system. William Bailey, 26, lives in a shared house with five other people so rubbish builds up quickly.

“Over the past year this problem has at times led to such a build up of rubbish that we have to ask friends to take some of our rubbish for us.”

Chris, 49, who lives in Iford is unhappy with the new waste system. “The waste system is not good, rubbish piles up. I live by myself so it is not too bad, but I feel bad for the families around here.”

23 litre food waste containers available

Sarah Speakman-Jones, senior waste and resource officer says: “We understand this is a new service for resident and there is a period of adapting to the alternate weekly collections.”

“We continue to collect food waste every week and have improved this service by offering a larger 23 litre food waste container which is emptied weekly. 10,700 people across the Borough have registered to take part in the enhanced weekly food waste collections since February, but we would still encourage residents who haven’t signed up to get in touch and start using the service.”

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